According to:  Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Basic Guidelines

  • Infants must be rear-facing in the back seat until at least 1 yr. old and at least 20 lbs.
  • Children over 20 lbs. and 1 yr. of age may then be forward-facing, still in the back seat, in a child safety seat with an internal harness.
  • Once the child weighs at least 40 lbs., the child should ride in a booster seat in the back seat until he/she is 80 lbs. and about 4’10″ tall.
  • Before being allowed to use only the regular vehicle lap & shoulder seat belt, the child should be able to sit up with knees bent at the edge of the vehicle seat, the seat belt shoulder strap should fit comfortably across the chest (not across the neck), and the seat belt lap strap should fit low and tight across the upper thighs.
Child Safety Seat Chart
Buckle Everyone…Every Time!
Young Children
Birth to 1 Year
0-20 lbs.
Over 1 year
20 lbs.-40 lbs.
4 to 8 yrs. or until 4’9″ tall
Over 40 lbs.
Type of Seat
Infant Only
or convertible
Belt positioning
Booster seat
Seat Position
Rear-facing only Forward-facing Forward-facing
Always Make Sure
Harness straps at or
below shoulder levelChildren rear-face until
1 yr. AND at least 20
lbs. (or as long as seat
Harness straps should now be at or above shoulder level.Most seats require use of top harness slots. Belt positioning booster seats must be used with both lap and shoulder belt. To avoid injuries, the lap belt must fit tight across the lap and the shoulder belt must fit snug across chest and shoulder.
All children age 12
and under should ride
in the back seat.
All children age 12 and under should ride in the back seat. All children age 12 and under should ride in the back seat.


Arkansas Child Passenger Protection Law

  • A child must ride restrained in an appropriate child safety seat until six (6) years old or until weighing sixty (60) lbs. Use your child’s age and weight to determine whether your child still needs to ride in a harness type child safety seat or a booster seat.
  • Children 6-15 years of age must wear a seat belt in all seating positions.
  • This is a primary law, meaning that a driver can be stopped and issued a ticket for not having a child in an appropriate child safety seat or seat belt. The minimum fine is $25 per child. The maximum fine is $100 per child.

4 Responses to Arkansas

  • What are the regulations for a booster seat in a pickup truck….child is 8 years old and 50 lb.s

  • I have a question regarding the car seat laws. My son is just 2 and a half months old but he already weighs a little over 16 pounds. His rear facing car seat is starting to get a little snug. I’m afraid that he will be way over the weight limit for a rear facing car seat before he hits a year old. What kind of car seat should he be in? I dont want to get in trouble for the age limit even though he will fit the wight requitments.

  • AR law states all children12 and under should ride in the back seat. If a child 8 is over 60inches and weighs 90 pounds is front seat legal?

  • Does the infant rear facing car seat need to be secured to a base? or can the car seat just be buckled in?